Commercial Property Advisors
Current Projects and Assignments
Commercial Property Advisors provides real estate consulting and advisory services to  Commercial Real
Estate Developers, Investors, Corporations, Professionals and Businesses.  Our custom designed support
programs enable our clients to make the best possible business decisions concerning the acquisition, utilization,
planning, development and ownership of real estate assets.

We support our Clients by creating and implementing processes to set objectives that are to be achieved within
the constraints of time and budgets.  Some of our recent projects and successes are described below:
Success Achieved one Client and one Project at a Time
A 2-building, 77,000 square foot Medical / Professional Office
Robin Zager, Principal, Commercial Property Advisors was involved with the
project from it's inception.  The first phase of the re-development was the
conversion of The Racquet Forum, an existing racquet ball club, into a 2-story
commercial office building.
  • Planning Board presentations were made with the assistance of
    engineers and architects.
  • Building design was reviewed and revised for aesthetics and
    market appeal.
  • Master Deed and By-Laws were written and recorded
  • Pre-construction marketing was achieved for sale of
    condominium office units.

The second phase of the re-development consisted of the construction of a
new, 2-story, 36,000 square foot office building.
  • Amended Condominium Documents
  • Aided in the selection of a new team of architects and engineers.
  • Design and implemented a new marketing program for sale and
    leasing of new medical / professional offices.
  • Set pricing for market competitiveness.

Presently provides Property Management Services and oversight for on-going
capital projects.
Little Silver Commons
180 & 200 White Road
Little Silver, New Jersey
  • Development Consulting
  • Market Studies & Analysis
  • Sales and Lease Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Special Projects Management
780 Route 37 West
Toms River, New Jersey
A new, 3-story, 49,000 square foot Medical / Professional
Office Building.
Commercial Property Advisors became involved early on in the development
providing a compendium of pre-construction and post completion services.
  • Market studies and analysis established the most likely sales
    price and rental rates for the property.
  • Income and expense projections, construction cost estimates,
    and soft cost were included in the building's pro-forma.
  • Architect and Construction managers were introduced to the
    Developers and subsequently selected.
  • Presentations were made to numerous potential lenders with
    rates and terms compared and analyzed.
  • A plan was developed to market the property either for lease or
    sale as an office condominium.
  • A pre-construction sales and leasing marketing plan was created
    and implemented.

Commercial Property Advisors presently provides Property management
Services for the condominium association.

For information on available space contact:
Tim Slaight
Robin Zager
  • Development Consulting
  • Economic Modeling
  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • Sales and Lease Marketing
  • Property Management
Pond View Professional
South Main Street
Freehold, New Jersey
A 100,000 square foot, 3 Building Professional Office Campus.
Commercial Property Advisors represented two merging medical groups in a
search to acquire for purchase a consolidated central office.

Originally planned and approved as a 4-building office park, the developer was
convinced to combine 2 of the buildings into a single 50,000 square foot, 2-
story medical/professional office facility, thereby reducing construction costs
and gaining numerous efficiencies in the building's design.  The entire 1st floor
comprising 25,000 square foot was purchased as a single office condominium

Commercial Property Advisors supported all phases of the decision making
process for the Purchaser by providing the following:
  • Site Selection
  • Market Analysis
  • Lease versus Purchase Analysis
  • Assemble of the project team; including the architect and
    construction manager for interior design and construction.
  • Negotiation of the terms, conditions and specifications for the
    purchase of a building to be built.

For Information regarding Tenant / Buyer Representation contact:

Tim Slaight
Robin Zager
  • Site Selection
  • Buyer / Tenant Representation
  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • Lease vs. Buy Analysis
  • Purchase Negotiations
  • Project Team Selection
One Arin Park
1715 Highway 35 North
Middletown, New Jersey
A 36,000 square foot, 3-story Commercial Office Building.
Commercial Property Advisors was initially retained as a consultant to provide
acquisition services for the potential purchaser who sought to occupy a portion
of the building and lease the balance as a multi-tenant office building.  
Originally developed as an office condominium, the building was always owned
under a single owner.  Prior to the purchase, occupancy was less than 30% and
the property was in dire need of repairs and deferred maintenance.

Commercial Property Advisors was retained and provided the following support:
  • Established the current and potential economic value
  • Conducted Market Studies and Identified comparable and
    competing properties.
  • Developed economic models, income and expense projections
    and estimates for capital improvements.
  • Established financing underwriting criteria.
  • Negotiated the purchase price and terms of sale.
  • Interviewed financial institutions for permanent mortgage

Presently Commercial Property Advisors is providing lease marketing services
to secure tenants for the vacant space and also re-negotiating existing leases.

For information on available space contact:

Tim Slaight
Robin Zager
  • Property Valuation
  • Market Studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Economic Modelling
  • Financing Underwriting
  • Purchase Negotiations
  • Lease Marketing
Summit Professional
234 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, New Jersey
A 2-Building. 60,000 square Foot Medical / Professional Office
Commercial Property Advisors is the exclusive agent for the sales and lease
marketing of a 60,000 square foot medical and professional office park.  This
office building complex was designed to serve the needs of the medical
community and includes a medical conference and training center.  Built to
'Green' building standards the building features energy efficient systems and
roof mounted solar panels for co-generation of electricity.

Commercial Property Advisors supports the development and sales and lease
marketing by providing:
  • On-going market analysis and pricing strategy.
  • Up-dated comparative and competing property analysis.
  • Sales and Lease Marketing Plan review and implementation.
  • Review and analysis of lease and purchase offers.
  • Lease and sales negotiations including structured leases and
    purchase options.

For information on available space, lease-purchase plans, rental rates and sale
prices contact:

Tim Slaight
Robin Zager
  • Market Study and Analysis
  • Competing Property  Analysis
  • Sales Price and Lease Rate Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Sales and Lease Negotiations