Commercial Property Advisors offers its Clients and Customers a full range of advisory, management and
decision making services.  Each assignment presents unique challenges and we apply our resources to provide
the best possible solutions.  
  • Asset / Portfolio Valuation
  • Market / Feasibility Studies
  • Highest and Best use/re-use Studies
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition / Disposition Strategies
  • Investment Analysis
  • Income and Expense Projections
Project and Development Consulting:
From small, single purpose commercial buildings to large, multi-occupant business and professional facilities,
Commercial Property Advisors provides the guidance and assistance necessary for a successful real estate
development.  Whether new construction, rehabilitation of an existing structure or re-development of an entirely
different use, each project is unique and requires a properly implemented plan.  Our goal is to provide an
objective assessment of the requirements specific to each individual project and to identify the best course of
action that ensures the success.
Support for Buying, Leasing, Financing, Managing and Marketing Commercial Property
Project Management:
Each real estate project requires the implementation of a plan designed to meet each project's goals and
objectives.  Whether it is the leasing or purchase of a single office or commercial location to a more complex
development and construction of larger, multi-occupant buildings and professional parks, we bring together all
the disciplines necessary to complete your project:
  • Land Use / Zoning and Planning Approvals
  • Engineering
  • Design and Architecture
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Construction
  • Property Management
Sales and Lease Marketing:  
Whenever a property is offered either for sale or lease, a well thought out and properly implemented marketing
plan produces the most favorable results.  We use our in-depth knowledge of local markets, an understanding of
our Client's needs, and a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the real estate to achieve the
desired results.  Our experience and assignments range in size from the sale of individual professional
condominiums of 1,000 square feet or less to the sale and lease marketing of
office buildings, office parks, industrial facilities, and retail locations comprising several hundred thousand square
feet and more.
  • Commercial Office Market Studies
  • Medical / Professional Office Analysis
  • Retail Market and Site Studies
  • Industrial Market Studies
Asset Management:  
We develop and implement a program of asset management strategies that integrates an active property
management program, site specific marketing and leasing plans, and a tenant retention program that achieves
our Clients’ investment goals and objectives.  Our Clients gain an in-depth understanding of their markets, the
trends that affect them, and an ability to respond to ever changing market conditions.
  • Property management oversight.
  • Lease supervision and lease analysis.
  • Long-term and short-term investment strategies.
  • Cash flow analysis, proforma analysis and financial
  • Due diligence.
Development Consulting
Asset Management
Buyer/Tenant Representation
Property Management
Project Management
Sales Marketing
Lease Analysis
Project Consulting
Feasibility Studies
Lease Services
Lease Marketing
Market Studies & Analysis
Commercial Property Advisors
Market Studies:
Whatever the size and nature of a real estate project, a complete understanding of the market is essential.  No
project can commence without knowing the local conditions that control sales and lease pricing, the types of
property in demand, location requirements, design and function, and numerous other objective and subjective
conditions that will either assure success or predict likely problems.  Every real estate property and project is
unique requiring a thoughtful approach to develop the most appropriate set of queries requisite for valid
Property Management:  
We work closely with our Clients to develop and manage customized programs that focus on cost-efficient
operations and tenant retention. Our site-specific programs and processes are designed to enhance property
values and create operating efficiencies.

Our expertise includes effective programs for retail, industrial and professional properties. Our in-depth
knowledge of real estate markets enables our Clients to maximize the return on their investment and preserve
and enhance the value of the real estate asset.
  • Building operations and maintenance
  • Property accounting and financial reporting
  • Contract management and lease administration
  • Property marketing and leasing
Buyer and Tenant Representation:  
We advise our Clients on the relocation and expansion of their operations, disposition of their owned property,
the renegotiation of their leased facilities, and the strategic planning for their current and future space needs.

Our programs guide our Clients through every step of the space procurement process.  Each Client’s needs are
unique and we design and implement a plan designed to achieve all defined goals.
  • Space expansion and consolidations
  • Lease renegotiations and renewals
  • Facility relocations and acquisitions
  • Subleases and dispositions
  • Build-to-suits
Support for
Managing and